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EC4 OxyTech™ Whole House Water Filtration System

Smelly, Staining Minerals Are No Match for the EC4 OxyTech™ Whole House Water Filtration System

If you’re dealing with bad sulfur odors or stains caused by iron or manganese in your water, our water filtration systems are the solution for you.

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This product is proudly designed and assembled in the USA,
and carries quality and performance certifications from NSF, WQA and UL.

Made in the USA
NSF Listed in the US
Water Quality Tested and Certified
UL Listed in the US

The EC4 OxyTech™ whole house water filtration system is designed to eliminate the problems caused by excessive iron, sulfur, and manganese and deliver clean, filtered water to your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. In fact, it’s a fully automatic and chemical-free solution to odors and stains caused by the presence of these dissolved minerals in your water. You’ll want to ask our experts about this system if:

  • Your water smells like rotten eggs.
  • You’re seeing rust-colored stains in your tub, sinks, and toilets.
  • Your clothing has dark spots after laundering that weren’t there when you loaded the washing machine.

The EC4 OxyTech™ whole house water filtration system is easy to use, and each long-lasting filter is built for trouble-free operation.

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EC4 OxyTech™

Features & Benefits

  • Immediate Condition Response
    • Push any button and the EC4 OxyTech™ wakes up to display the system status with any applicable instructions or messages.
  • Power Outage Recovery
    • If the system loses power during regeneration, it will automatically recover and complete the process once power resumes, ensuring that filtered water is always available.
  • Service Required Alarm
    • An alarm informs the user when regular maintenance or other service is required, alleviating the worry of keeping up with a maintenance schedule.
  • Large Interactive Display
    • The EC4 OxyTech™ provides system information that’s easy to read and understand via a two-line LCD display. Messages scroll across the display identifying the menu being accessed.
  • Information Center
    • An easily accessed menu provides information about the system, water quality, customer usage profile, and general support data that’s useful for troubleshooting.
  • Enduring Filter Media
    • A special blend of four minerals, each with specific filtering characteristics, provides a reliable, long-lasting performance in a wide range of water temperatures.
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A Fully Automatic, Chemical-Free Whole House Problem Water Filtration System

Maintenance Requirements

The filtering media will eventually become exhausted or consumed and will need replacement. The replacement schedule will depend on the incoming water quality and the amount of water you use. We can provide you with replacement schedules based on your water-using habits and your incoming water quality.

The regeneration valves are designed to last a lifetime. Annual cleaning or replacement of internal parts will be necessary since these parts are exposed to untreated water. Your water quality and the amount of regenerations will affect this schedule. We are knowledgeable in different water qualities and the necessary parts required in completing this service.

Upon installation, your system will be programmed with an alarm to remind you when either of the above services are required.

Operating Features

  • New LCD display prompts the user with easy-to-understand system information and messages.
  • Control automatically compensates and adjusts for daylight saving time.
  • The system maintains time up to 1 week without a battery backup in case of a power outage. Program settings are maintained indefinitely, eliminating the need to reprogram.