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Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions are proud to provide clean, quality, Rainsoft water and products to customers in Northern New York. All sales and installations are performed by water quality association standards and Stenner certified technicians, directly supervised by the owners. Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions offers all Rainsoft environmental products for water and air treatment. The owners, who joined Rainsoft in 2013, a company established in 1953, have since been helping families, one home at a time, to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We help thousands of homeowners save money and improve their quality of life.


As Owners, Partners, Employees and Agents of Hudson Valley Environmental Services we are committed to understand and follow the foundation from which we came. Though the formula of recruiting, training, and motivating, success and growth will endure. The leaders of our company have been commissioned to provide and promote a positive, progressive atmosphere that stimulates confidence, pride, value and service to both our associates and customers. Duplication of our efforts in others will maximize the potential of our organization. Through excellence in Sales and Service, Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions will maintain an efficient and profitable existence, protecting the resources of the company for current and future generation to enjoy. Trained, motivated, dedicated individuals will carry the opportunity of satisfying every customer, every time, to fulfill the vision of a direct sale and service company that care. At Hudson Valley Water Consultants, Inc. our foundation will remain the same today and tomorrow as it was yesterday. This foundation will be strengthened by under wavering courage, self-control, definiteness of decisions and doing more then what we paid for. This will ensure a prosperous future for all the lives that Hudson Valley Environmental Solutions touches.
-Management Team


I cannot say enough about this system. It is fabulous. My skin and my hair are amazing. I have no itching issues anymore. My hair is shiny and thick. Our clothes are much cleaner with this system; the difference is remarkable. Our dishes and countertops come clean with just a wet paper towel. It is just amazing. We dilute everything we have with this water which makes it last twice as long. We fill up our own water bottles with water - it tastes great! Our salesperson was Barsie Bederian and he is fabulous! He knows so many tricks to what this water can do, he should write a book. He was great the entire way through the installation and we still talk to him to this day and everytime, he gives me a new trick to utilize the water for. Also, I understand that Embassy Suites have these systems in their hotels and I now will only stay at them. Nothing worse than going away and being some where that DOESN'T have a Rainsoft system. What an immediately noticable difference. It is the best investment we ever made for our house.
-Theresa B

Joel Brow is a tremendous business owner and representative of Rain Soft. His integrity and concern for custom er shined in all he said and did. He followed through promptly and was able to answer all questions. He gave me the confidence to step into the decision. He gave water treatment products a great name!
-Kristen B.

I am the owner of Complete Commercial Repair. We sell service and install commercial and residential equipment. Last year we installed a new Cleveland Steamers for Plantation General Hospital. We have serviced them for twenty years and finally talked them into adding a Water Softener system to the new steamers. We just completed their 1 year service, and was completely blown a way by the boilers internal cavity. There were hardly any mineral deposit on the inside. The softening system has worked perfectly keeping the boiler clean of minerals. The Softener saves wear and tear on the equipment. In the past, they were lucky to get five years out of their boiler generator. The build up of minerals was unbelievable and the damage cost them plenty. The best advice I can give after working on this kind of equipment is if you don't use a softener system it will cost thousands in repair bills. Also a must for dishwashers, saving time and money in delimeing. Joel Browl at Rainsoft does all our water treatment. His knowledge of water and the different equipment that is available for your needs is outstanding. His installation team is top notch. If you need any help, please call me at 954-562-1793.
-John M.

I love my water. My wife didn't like it at first but now she tells everyone how soft her whole body is with no more cream and lotions. I like how it gets all the bad toxic stuff out of the water and is now safer for my children. No more chlorine or other chemicals are needed for my household. The shower is now so much fun with my wife, it is unbelievable how some Everything is now. We stay in until the water gets cold ;-) !!
-Jose M.

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